About Us

Who I am.?

I am Prabir Biswas, a Engineer and founder of jobresults.net. Now I am working in a high profile private company in Karnataka. The working pressure of my company is very high, it is very difficult to manage time to continue blogg. But blogg is my dream, I can do everything to be a successful blogger in future.

Prabir Biswas07 Jan 2022 24 About Us
Prabir Biswas

What’s jobresults.net.?

jobresults.net is the site where I publish Government job related post, Admit card status, Exam Answer Key, Current Affairs etc. My target to help the students to get government job by concerning  upcoming vacancy as per their qualification.

Why I decided to create jobresults.net.?

When I passed Bsc in chemistry,  I failed to get a government job, I was totally jobless. As a result I came to engineering for a private job, to support my poor family. At last after complete engineering, I got a job with satisfied salary but there were no piece. I thought I need to do something special where the life will be boss free. I will be the King of my own Kingdom.
So finally I decided, I will help by sharing all government job related enquiry to the job aspirants and  it also be fulfils my all dream.Finally jobresults.net. I hope this site will help all, who are preparing for a Government job. Keep touch, stay with me..


I didn’t create jobresults.net to fulfils my dream only but I created to fulfils the  dream all of my loving brothers / sisters/ friends/ Seniors/. I always try to reach them with lot of job related enquiry day by day so that they don’t miss the opportunity due to lack of information..
Prabir Biswas